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Tips For Holiday Travel if You’re Driving 🚗

by Lorna Calder




Make sure your car is ready. If you plan on going for an extended drive, then it may be best to take your car to the local mechanic for a tune up! They will check things like your tires and fluid levels to make sure you won’t have a blunder on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere!


You should plan your route ahead of time. It helps to know the route you will be taking whether you plan to drive a few hours or a few days. If you do plan to do a trip that takes a day or two, call and book your hotel stays ahead of time to ensure you get a room. Also, look up fun things to do along the route like restaurants and sightseeing activities.


Keep your insurance or roadside assistance information handy. Having this information at the ready will help if you are to get in a predicament, this will make it a bit easier instead of having to search for the paperwork when the incident happens.


Plug in your cell phone. Always keep your cell phone plugged into the charger in the car. Things like listening to music or using a navigation app will quickly drain your battery.


Purchase a safety kit. It will include things like jumper cables, flashlights, flares and caution cones. You can also buy ones specifically for winter travel that will have things like ice scrapers, tire chains, tow rope, snow shovels, blanket and first aid kit.


Have safe travels this Holiday Season!


With Love,

The Lorna Calder Team 

Tips for Holiday Travel if You’re Flying ✈️

by Lorna Calder


Many people use the Holidays as a time to get together and go visit family, making it one of the busiest times for Travel. If you plan to travel by plane, here are some very helpful tips to make it a bit less stressful!



Research, Research, Research! It helps to do your research, regardless if it’s a last minute trip or one planned weeks or months in advance. If you can, you may want to consider choosing flexible travel dates to help you nab the best prices. If your airport is a busy hub, consider flying out of an airport nearby, you may save time and money!


Plan Carefully. There are factors that can delay your flights like inclement weather with flying in the winter or holidays like Spring Break and Thanksgiving. Unless you have some quick feet, you may want to avoid short layovers so you don’t miss your next flight.


Pack Light. This is a hard one for some, especially us ladies, or if you are packing gifts to bring to your destination or back but most airlines are now charging for checked bags. You can save money by sending those gifts ahead of time or generally packing lighter and dong laundry at your destination.


LEAVE EARLY. This goes for flying AND driving! Leaving early will allow a buffer for things like traffic, security and parking. If you can take a light rail system, public transportation or something like Uber/Lyft, that can help save time and money.


Stay on Top of Flight Changes. You can download your Airline’s app and stay up to date on changes to your flight like delays, cancellations or early arrivals.



Not only is it the Holiday Season but it’s also Cold and Flu Season! With the close proximity of other travelers to you in the airports and on the plane, it’s important to consider these tips to keep the germs at bay.


Stay Hydrated. Bring an empty plastic or reusable water bottle to the airport to refill after you get through security. The cabin pressure tends to dry out eyes and nose and staying hydrated will prevent this from happening and keep germs at bay. It may also help to prevent blood clots from sitting too long.


Bring You Own Pillow and Blanket. Some airlines still may provide these for you but you cant be sure that no one else has touched them. Be safe and bring your own to reduce the risk of coming in contact with germs or viruses. Those handy little neck pillows are also SO MUCH MORE comfortable than the flat limp pillows they provide.


Bring Some Healthy Snacks. Make it easy to tote items like nuts or dried fruits!


Move Around to Prevent Blood Clots. When flying, blood clots can be a major concern especially if you have a long flight overseas or cross country! Get up and walk around the cabin as much as you can, when it’s safe. Or when you are sitting down tap your feet or move your legs in a small bicycle motion to get that blood flowing. 


Enjoy your Holiday Season! 

With Love, 

The Lorna Calder Team

How to Host a Holiday Party Without Breaking the Bank!

by Lorna Calder

The Holiday seasons are upon us and now is the time to start planning for your Holiday party. Doesn't matter if you are a veteran at Holiday Parties or a first-timer, here are some great tips to help you plan a party that is fun, festive and budget friendly. 

Set a Budget. Map out all of your expenses, such as food and drink costs, entertainment, invites and decorations. If you are not sure how much any of these cost, do a little research online or ask friends and family. If you have hosted a party similar to this or the same as last year, you can get an idea of what it may cost from that experience. Also, there are programs you can use such as Party Budget Estimator from Evite, it will calculate your costs based on the information you type in, number of guests and the length of the party time. 

  • Prioritize the spending of your money. What is the most important part of your party? Is it the food or the entertainment or enhancing the decor? If you're on a tight budget, setting your priority list will help you to estimate how much things will cost.
  • Choose a venue carefully. If you plan to host at a restaurant or a venue outside of your hme, make sure you reserve it FAR in advance. Most of us host it in our own homes, that can save LOTS of money right there. 


Create That Guest List. Your budget may dictate the size of your party but there are other ways to cut cost so you can entertain more people. Is it a sit down type or party or something much larger? Kids or just adults? If you do decide to invite children you will want to keep their interests in mind like different types or foods or fun activities like cookie decorating, gingerbread house building, crafts or holiday movies.  

  • Send invitations. Be sure to send paper invitations as soon as possible. Everyone starts to fill up their calendars with Holiday activities pretty quick so you want them to get the invites ASAP. 
  • Save money with email invitations. Email invitations are FREE to send and allow you to have more management over who responds. You can also use Facebook and make an event page to invite guests and send reminders of the upcoming event. This can be especially helpful if you are having a potluck style, that way you can keep track of who is bringing what in the Comments below your event page. 


Plan Your Entertainment. You always want your guests to have fun at your event! You can use a digital music service like Pandora or Spotify to create a Holiday Playlist to stream through Bluetooth speakers or an entertainment center or TV. 

  • Do your guests like to sing? Rent or buy a Karaoke machine.
  • Encourage your guests to dress for the event. Make sure to let them know on the invite. Is it formal? Ugly sweater? Have fun with the theme.
  • If you are having kids there, hire someone or ask a family member to dress up as Santa Claus and pose for photos with the kids. 
  • Again, if you are having kids at your party, hand out goody bags filled with Holiday themed crafts, cookies or toys. 
  • If you plan to do a gift exchange or White Elephant, make sure you give a budget for guests to stick to. 


Plan a Great Menu. It always helps to plan your menu, whether you are having it catered or preparing it yourself.

  • If you are having the party catered then you should hire the caterer as soon as possible because the Holidays are the BUSIEST time of the year and they can book up quick. You can look online for recommendations, post something on Facebook asking for recommendations or ask your family and friends. If your guests have any dietary restrictions or you have a specific menu in mind, talk to your caterer and let them know. 
  • Have fun with it! Look all over the internet like Pinterest or scour magazines to find the perfect recipes. To help reduce stress, make as much of the meal in advance as you can and freeze or store it in the fridge until the party day. Also, if you care to cut down on cost even more, host a Holiday BRUCH, yes breakfast foods are much less expensive and it will be just as fun. 
  • If you are planning to do a potluck then you should supply the main dish and have everyone else bring the sides and desserts. You can manage when people are bringing by putting an RSVP card int he paper invite to send out asking what they are bringing OR if you choose to do an evite or Facebook event page then have them comment what they would like to bring. You can also post a comment on the Facebook event page with ideas of what to bring.
  • Everyone loves a good Holiday drink! But lets not break the bank with it! Serve up a Holiday punch or a signature Holiday drink that way you wont have to sit there constantly making them or making a multitude of different things. 


Decorate. In order to save money here, use decorations you already have or borrow from family and friends. If you have kids, get their help to make things creative and crafty. You can also take FREE items from nature, such as pine cones, branches and twigs and dust them with glitter or paint them. Also, discount store like Dollar Tree offer a wide variety of cheap decorations that you can make look great.


Biggest thing is to remember to HAVE FUN and DON'T STRESS! 


THE Holiday Party Checklist 🎄

by Lorna Calder
The Holiday Season is right around the corner and if you are planning to host a party it can become stressful! But don't let it be! Here is a great checklist you can use to plan a fun and budget-friendly party that everyone is sure to LOVE!
Click HERE for a PDF version to print out!
© 2017 Buffini & Company. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission. RMMK NOVEMBER EREPORT S

❄Tips to Winterize Your Texas Home❄

by Lorna Calder

I always get a good chuckle when I see a Texan in a thick jacket when it’s 60 degrees outside. Even though we only get maybe a good 4 weeks cumulative of weather under 40 degrees it’s still important to winterize your Texas Home. Here a few simple tips of how to do just that!



1. Replace Worn Out Weather-stripping

Drafts are no good, especially if you want to keep your home nice and toasty this winter and save money on heating costs. There is an easy way to tell if your home’s weather stripping is failing, making your home smell delicious at the same time. Light a stick of incense and hold it up to windows and doors where they meet the window sill and door jamb. If you do in fact have a draft, you will see the smoke travel towards the draft area on in away from the draft area. You can purchase and replace weather stripping yourself, finding the necessary tools and items you will need at your local hardware shop OR you can get a handyman to do the job for you. We have recommendations on who to use if you need it!

2. Caulk and Seal

Whether you have 40 year old windows or new windows, the “glazing” they use to seal those windows over time will crack and break causing gaps that will let the outside elements in. Take a caulking gun and some caulk to any cracks or gaps that you may see around your windows and door frames. This will help to save you money on heating costs by not allowing that precious heat to escape and also keep the outside cold from coming in.

3. Clean Your Gutters

Those fall leaves and fallen pine needles will surely clog up your gutters. If left they can cause blockages that make the gutters heavy and fill with rain water that could freeze and possible make them pull away from fascia boards. A few ways to clean them yourself are by getting up on a ladder and hand scooping them out or you can try to use a leaf blower. If you have a two story or don’t feel comfortable getting up on a ladder, you can call a local handyman to help with this task. We know a few, give us a call and we can give you a recommendation.

4. Hire a Chimney Sweep

If you haven’t had your chimney cleaned in a while then it may be time! This will help prevent chimney fires and prevent carbon monoxide from entering your home. It is recommended to do this once a year, let us know if you need a recommendation on who to hire!

5. Get Your Furnace Inspected

Let’s be proactive instead of reactive on this one! Instead of having your heater go out on you mid-January, have a service technician come out during Fall to inspect and run a bit of maintenance on your furnace, that will ensure you have a smooth winter ahead of you when it comes to heating. Need a professional, we know a few. Call us today for a recommendation.

6. Trim Trees and Bushes

Cut all dead and living branches hanging over your house to minimize risk of them coming down with the next storm. Also, trimming bushes away from your home will prevent water penetration into your home. Need a professional, licensed Tree Trimmer? We know a few!

7. Change Your Air Filter

THIS IS AN EASY ONE PEOPLE, and one that is forgotten about too commonly. First, changing the filter will make your heating system have to work less hard to get warm air into your home saving you money and your heating system stress. Secondly, don’t you want the air filter to do its job by removing dust, allergens, mold spores, dander, etc. from the air? Yes, well change it! I personally change mine every 3 months but you can do it more often than that or longer than that depending on your living condition: kids, pets, types of outdoor trees, indoor plants, etc. Set yourself a reoccurring reminder on your phone to replace them, you can find them at hardware store or big box stores like Target even Costco!

8. Gather up That Firewood

Fun Fact: Ash is the only tree that will burn “green,” right after it’s cut down. Stock up on firewood NOW before it becomes more of a demand and prices go up. Search Facebook Marketplace or local Social Sites like Nextdoor!

9. Cover Outside Faucets and Pipes

Whether it’s an old sock, towel with duct tape or professional insulating material; your pipes and faucets should be covered during winter to make sure they won’t freeze if the temp gets too low. I usually wrap mine up at the end of Fall and just leave them wrapped until the end of April. No harm in leaving it on there that long, you don’t want to be running outside when it’s 11pm and 28 degrees outside to cover pipes you forgot!

If you need a recommendation on for a Tree Trimmer, Handyman, HVAC professional, Chimney Sweep or anything else, we have a HUGE database of folks that we have worked with before both personally and professionally! Call us today to get their information 281-361-2280

Don't be too shy to spring for BOLD colors!

by Lorna Calder

Okay, so you may be thinking "I'm over these bland neutral walls!" Yes, you may also be thinking, I want to keep it neutral because some day we will sell and that will be more appealing but listen you purchased this house to be YOUR HOME, why not put a little of your personality into it! 


"When my husband and I purchased our home we went with the neutral "Greige" Wall (Gray/Beige) After being in a very gray world for a month or so, we decided we needed some splashes of color! So we did an accent wall in orange, yes I know ORANGE, in the guest bedroom, A lovely aqua accent wall in the Master's Bedroom following that into the Master Bath, then we went into the kitchen with a soft aqua. This brought so much more personality to our home" - Christina Terry (Client Care Coordinator, The Lorna Calder Team)


Here are some ways to add some color in a way that will make anyone comfortable! Listen, it's only paint, if you don't like it then paint back over with your neutrals!


Look to the Front Door

A bright color on the front door can be SO welcoming, mind you, make sure that it would be a good match with your primary house color an your brick/stone. The more popular colors right now are Red, Coblt Blue, yellow and coral! WOW Go Bold!


Matte is a better way to add color

Shiny and bold color can come off too harsh! Matte paint in a bold, dark color is much more palatable. Make sure to use a good primer to better support a dark matte color!


Rooms with more traffic? GO BOLD!

Kid's Rooms, Half Baths and Sitting rooms can use a bit more color just because they are all rooms that have more eyes seeing them. Why not show your personality in the rooms that are seen the most. 


Smaller rooms may be a good start

Starting with a smaller, more confined space make make the transition into the "color world" a little bit easier. Make just one wall an accent or paint the whole thing! Don't be scared to even paint the ceiling a bright or bold color! 

Heart-Healthy Neighborhoods? Yes, they exist...

by Lorna Calder

Living in a friendly neighborhood may be good for your heart, according to a study by psychologists at the University of Michigan. In fact, the more social connections you have among your neighbors, the less likely you are to die from a heart attack. 


The study analyzed the social connections of more than 5,000 adults in urban, suburban and rural areas over a four year period. Researchers controlled for factors like age, race, income, marital status, education, mental health, optimism and other known health-risk factors associated with heart attacks, such as diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. By the end of four years, 148 of the individuals studies had suffered heart attacks. 


Maintaining friendly relationships with your neighbors may be good for your health because neighbors are more likely to check on each other and notice any potential health problems, share resources and health information, and lend money. They can also offer emotional support, which can be a buffer during times of stress. 


Conversely, other studies have shown that negative aspects of a neighborhood can have a detrimental effect on a person's health. For example, living in areas with violence, noise, poor air quality and access to too many fast food restaurants can have a negative impact on a person's health. Further, a study at the University of Pennsylvania finds that living in areas with abandoned buildings can lead to isolation and hamper social relationships, which can lead to poor physical health of residents who live nearby.


Being helpful and neighborly is not only good for your health, it's good for the health of the neighborhood! 


Source: Certified Residential Specialist Magazine "Your Home"

Some GREAT tips for Today's Home Seller!!

by Lorna Calder

Especially for first time sellers and/or those who have been in their home for a very long time, selling your home is an emotional process! Whatever your reason for Selling is, here is how to handle it!


When you are a first time seller, it could be an anxious process because you don't know what to expect! Even experienced sellers could encounter uncertainty with the ever changing market. Follow these tips t help make the process worry-free and be sure to ask us ANY questions that arise, nothing is too silly!

  • Prepare your home. Get your home move-in ready and make an needed repairs. You may also hire a home inspector so you know for sure what to fix!
  • Prepare your mind. See your home as it is, a place to live. Try and remove all sentimental and emotional value from the home. 
  • Make your home available to show during the day. To help agents sell your home faster increase the accessibility of your home. Try to make sure at any time of the day, if someone wants to view it, they can.


Before buying another home:

  • Plan ahead to save time and money. If you sell your home before you are able you buy a new one, DONT WORRY! Count on me to find you a new home quick or a short-term lease!
  • Get PRE-APPROVED for a mortgage on your next home BEFORE you even go looking with us!



When families look to trade up, they usually only focus on the size of the home but there are many more factors and unique circumstances to consider while going through the selling process that you should know about. 

  • Buy or Sell first? You are probably thinking, "Should I sell my home first or buy a new home and THEN sell?" Please allow me to discuss the options with you and the outcome of all different choices to ensure you and your family make the MOST informed decision. 
  • Price it right. Many people would like multiple bids on the home so you can pick and choose to get the best and highest. To target the right buyers for your home, the price needs to be just right! To speed up the selling process, setting an accurate asking price will help you move on to the next chapter while still getting the most money!


Before buying a larger home:

  • Continue to shop for a home while your home is still currently on the market, never stop looking!
  • Create a list of must have and deal breakers for your next home and that will make your home search a bit more efficient and save time and money.
  • Consider the suburbs. If you want space at a budget price, consider rural or suburban areas where you may be able to get more home for you money!



The majority of folks who downsize are those who have retires, but there are many reasons why a home buyer would seek out a smaller home. Some would prefer to save more money on their mortgage and some don't want to deal with the hassle of maintenance. Whatever the reason for scaling down, you may also be focused on selling for profit to pay cash for your next home and stash some of that extra cash into savings!

  • Clear the clutter. Seeing that you are moving into a smaller home it may be a good idea to go through all of your belongings and declutter, tossing or donating items you no longer need or use! Remember, you may not have the storage in your next home that you currently have!
  • Update the interiors. Look, you dont need to go all crazy "fixer upper" on your home. Just the basics like a fresh coat of pain, removing brass fixtures and other small things can make a BIG difference. Also, trust in us! We know the market and what is trending so we can help you to make informed decisions about renovations that will save you money and get you buyers!
  • Hire a professional stager. Let be honest with ourselves, not all of us know how to decorate a home properly to speak to TODAYS buyers! You may not need it and well will let you know but we have references to some amazing and affordable stagers. 


Before buying a smaller home:

  • Don't write off a fixer upper. Depending on how much you sell your home for, you may have the money left over to hire a good contractor to improve the look and functionality of a bargain home!
  • Reconsider paying all cash. Instead of using home profits to pay for your new house outright, allocate a large amount for the down payment and take out a small mortgage for the remainder. Doing this gives you the liquid flexibility of cash in your financial plan as you get settled in your new home. 
  • Try before you buy, especially if you are moving out of town or downsizing a considerable amount. Renting a much smaller place in your desired location will help you determine the ideal size and exact place to buy your new home, before making a large investment. 


If you would like print outs of the PDFs to use or share click on these pages! PAGE1 or PAGE2


© 2016 Buffini & Company. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission. RMMK OCTOBER MF S 

9 Easy Ways to Show Gratitude this Holiday Season!

by Lorna Calder

You may have heard the saying "Gratitude is the best attitude." Gratitude is more than a passing "thank you;" it's a heartfelt way to acknowledge someone and their good deed.



This month in honor of Thanksgiving, I'm creating this blog with information that outlines nine ways to express gratitude to the people who have gone the extra mile to help us. Ideas include writing a note, giving them a small token of appreciation like flowers or their favorite treat, or publicly acknowledging and appreciating their good deed on Social Media. Gratitude is more than good manners; it's a great way to improve your relationships with friends, colleagues and loved ones! Below are the 9 ways to show Gratitude today and everyday, enjoy!


1. Give Food

Freshly baked cookies and pies, whether you made them yourself or bought them from the local bakery, are a nice way to show someone you appreciate them, or to say "thanks" for a good deed. Why? Everyone loved food! Find out their favorite treat and deliver it in person!


2. Write a Note

Nothing expresses gratitude better than a heartfelt, handwritten note card.  You don't have to be a poet or have perfect penmanship. Just write from the heart and say why you're thankful.


3. Return the Favor

If someone did something nice for you, return the favor. Did a neighbor pick up your newspaper and mail while you were gone on vacation? Pick up their newspaper and mail while they go on vacation, or offer to lend a hand if you see they need help.


4. Pay it Forward

When someone dos something nice for us, it's natural to pay that generosity forward. If the person in front of you buys your coffee, say "thanks" and pay for their generosity forward by buying coffee for the person behind you. 


5. Deliver Flowers or a Colorful Plant

Brighten someone's day and show them you appreciate them with a bouquet of flowers or a colorful, easy-to-care-for-plant, such as lavender, aloe, jade, ferns or snake plant. All of these plants are resilient in case the recipient doesn't have a green thumb.


6. Give them Something Useful

Never underestimate the power of a useful and thoughtful gift. If you know the person well, think about their interests - What do they like or enjoy doing? For example, if they garden, get them a pair of gloves to say "thanks" for their help. If they love wine, buy them a bottle of their favorite wine. They'll know how grateful you are, and will appreciate you personalizing the gesture. 


7. Give a Gift Card

Gift cards are ideal for those you may not know well, but have some ideas about their daily life. If they're into cooking, get them a gift card from the local kitchen store. If you know the person spends a lot of time in their car zipping around town, get them a gift card from a local coffee shop so they can enjoy their favorite beverage on the go. 


8. Sing their Praises on Social Media

When you write a message on a connection's profile, the comment will be shared with their family, friends and colleagues. Sing their praises by tagging them in a post thanking them for their help. When people within your networks see it, they can "like" the status, which will make the person feel appreciated. 


9. Donate Money to Charity in Their Name

If you want to say more than "thank you", and the person has everything, donate to one of their favorite charities, in their name. Either browse for favorite organizations on their social media pages or ask them directly for the name of their preferred charity. They'll not only enjoy the gesture, they'll also appreciate you listened to to hem and respected their interests, which helps to build relationships. 

5 Benefits of Gratitude!!

There's more to gratitude than appreciating what you have; it's also scientifically proven to be good for your overall health and wellness.*


1. Improved Health. Grateful people report fewer aches and pains and are more likely to go to the doctor for a checkup.


2. Improved Sleep. Want to get a better night's sleep? Write down what you are grateful for at the end of the day. Science shows those who express gratitude sleep better and longer than their peers.


3. Boost your Self-Esteem. People who express gratitude have higher self-esteem than those who don't.


4. More Empathy. When you're grateful, you're more likely to help others and are less likely to exhibit aggression or hostile behavior. 


5. More Resiliency. Grateful people tend to be more resilient than their peers. 



Click the Links to download PAGE 1 and PAGE 2 the Full Color Blog Flyer!



*Source Newsweek, November 25, 2015

2016 Buffini & Company. All rights reserved. Used by Permission. RMMK NOVEMBER MF S




Are REALTORS® still needed to help Sell your home?

by Lorna Calder


Short answer, YES! If you're thinking about selling your home, don't do it alone! Although some sellers may initially try to sell their home themselves, they soon realize they need an experienced professional on their side to help them through the process. Here are 10 reasons you need a Real Estate professional to work for you!!



The internet gives you access to more information now than ever before. An experienced real estate professional, like me, is able to help you understand this information in the context of the local market and interpret what it means to sell your home. 



When you list your home, you want it to sell quickly and for top dollar. Having professional assistance will help you do both, especially in competitive markets. 



Buyers are savvier than EVER! To find the right buyer, we have to go where they are. We'll do more than put a sign in your yard to attract buyers; we'll utilize the latest online marketing tools to show your home at its best and entice buyers to learn more. 



A marketing strategy means nothing if you're not targeting the right buyers. The first few weeks a house is on the market are vital. The longer a home remains on the market, the more likely a seller will have to reduce their listing price and/or offer incentives, such as a home warranty policy or assistance with closing costs, to attract buyers. A real estate pro has the experience and connections to find the right buyers for your home. 



All sellers want their homes purchased at the listed price, if not more. Studies show that enlisting the aid of an agent to sell your home will net you more money than trying to sell it yourself. According to the National Association of REALTORS® 2015 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, the average for sale by owner (FSBO) sold $210,000 compared to an agent-assisted home sale which sold for $249,000.



Buyers are looking for a deal on a home, and they'll hire an experienced agent to negotiate the sale for them. Having a real estate pro on your side will even the playing field and help you negotiate the terms of the sale with your best interest in mind. 



Every real estate transaction is different. While we hope the transaction goes smoothly, setbacks and other hiccups often occur, and at the most inconvenient time. Sellers who have listed their homes themselves may not have the experience and know-how to deal with these issues as they arise; however, a real estate agent pro can tap into their experiences to handle potential problems, such as issues with a home inspection or problems with title, and mitigate their impact. 



​Seller typically update their homes before they list. While some simply paint each room a neutral color and do a thorough cleaning, others may do a kitchen or bat h remodel to boost their home's value and/or help it sell faster in a competitive market. What should you do to boost your home's value and give it the competitive edge in our market? Ask me!



I work alongside other local real estate professionals, and have a database of thousands who may have clients looking for a home just like yours. Marketing your home to other agents is another way to help us find a qualified buyer. 



Real estate professionals work with a variety of service and tradespeople, including contractors, landscapers, movers and more. There is an average of 26 services involved in a real estate transaction in the 30 days before and after it has closed; however, you may need to tap into these services long after the ink has dried. From a plumber to a gardener, a real estate pro can refer you to a reputable trades person in your local area. 




Here is a PDF version of our Flyer with all of this information if you want to share!






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