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Tips For Holiday Travel if You’re Driving 🚗

by Lorna Calder




Make sure your car is ready. If you plan on going for an extended drive, then it may be best to take your car to the local mechanic for a tune up! They will check things like your tires and fluid levels to make sure you won’t have a blunder on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere!


You should plan your route ahead of time. It helps to know the route you will be taking whether you plan to drive a few hours or a few days. If you do plan to do a trip that takes a day or two, call and book your hotel stays ahead of time to ensure you get a room. Also, look up fun things to do along the route like restaurants and sightseeing activities.


Keep your insurance or roadside assistance information handy. Having this information at the ready will help if you are to get in a predicament, this will make it a bit easier instead of having to search for the paperwork when the incident happens.


Plug in your cell phone. Always keep your cell phone plugged into the charger in the car. Things like listening to music or using a navigation app will quickly drain your battery.


Purchase a safety kit. It will include things like jumper cables, flashlights, flares and caution cones. You can also buy ones specifically for winter travel that will have things like ice scrapers, tire chains, tow rope, snow shovels, blanket and first aid kit.


Have safe travels this Holiday Season!


With Love,

The Lorna Calder Team 

Tips for Holiday Travel if You’re Flying ✈️

by Lorna Calder


Many people use the Holidays as a time to get together and go visit family, making it one of the busiest times for Travel. If you plan to travel by plane, here are some very helpful tips to make it a bit less stressful!



Research, Research, Research! It helps to do your research, regardless if it’s a last minute trip or one planned weeks or months in advance. If you can, you may want to consider choosing flexible travel dates to help you nab the best prices. If your airport is a busy hub, consider flying out of an airport nearby, you may save time and money!


Plan Carefully. There are factors that can delay your flights like inclement weather with flying in the winter or holidays like Spring Break and Thanksgiving. Unless you have some quick feet, you may want to avoid short layovers so you don’t miss your next flight.


Pack Light. This is a hard one for some, especially us ladies, or if you are packing gifts to bring to your destination or back but most airlines are now charging for checked bags. You can save money by sending those gifts ahead of time or generally packing lighter and dong laundry at your destination.


LEAVE EARLY. This goes for flying AND driving! Leaving early will allow a buffer for things like traffic, security and parking. If you can take a light rail system, public transportation or something like Uber/Lyft, that can help save time and money.


Stay on Top of Flight Changes. You can download your Airline’s app and stay up to date on changes to your flight like delays, cancellations or early arrivals.



Not only is it the Holiday Season but it’s also Cold and Flu Season! With the close proximity of other travelers to you in the airports and on the plane, it’s important to consider these tips to keep the germs at bay.


Stay Hydrated. Bring an empty plastic or reusable water bottle to the airport to refill after you get through security. The cabin pressure tends to dry out eyes and nose and staying hydrated will prevent this from happening and keep germs at bay. It may also help to prevent blood clots from sitting too long.


Bring You Own Pillow and Blanket. Some airlines still may provide these for you but you cant be sure that no one else has touched them. Be safe and bring your own to reduce the risk of coming in contact with germs or viruses. Those handy little neck pillows are also SO MUCH MORE comfortable than the flat limp pillows they provide.


Bring Some Healthy Snacks. Make it easy to tote items like nuts or dried fruits!


Move Around to Prevent Blood Clots. When flying, blood clots can be a major concern especially if you have a long flight overseas or cross country! Get up and walk around the cabin as much as you can, when it’s safe. Or when you are sitting down tap your feet or move your legs in a small bicycle motion to get that blood flowing. 


Enjoy your Holiday Season! 

With Love, 

The Lorna Calder Team

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