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Basic Home Improvements YOU can do to save money!

by Lorna Calder


Are the rise of water and energy costs taking a bite our of your wallet? Don't fret, there is hope! You may be able to save on your Utility Bills with these simple home improvements.


1. Go Low Flow - Low Flow faucets and shower heads can help reduce your water consumption. You may be able to cut usage by 50% and save as much as $145/year!


2. Fix Leaks - That seems like an easy one! These leaks will rack up some serious cash if not fixed immediately!


3. Go Tankless - Going tankless can be a great upgrade to help save on costs! And as a bonus you will never run out of hot water!


1. Rethink your insulation - You can reduce your cooling and heating by up to 20% with good insulation. 


2. Manage the temperature automatically - Imagine this; Coming home to a perfectly cooled or heated home...yes sounds wonderful and you can have this! A programmable thermostat will save you money and help keep you comfortable.


3. Seal up drafts - Does your home get hot in the summer and cold in the winter no matter what your thermostat is set to? This could be due to drafts around doors, windows and other openings in your home. Caulk it up and apply weather stripping where needed! Drafty windows and doors cause up to 30%-40% of heat and cooling loss!


You can download or open this PDF, BASIC HOME IMPROVEMENTS, to get more in depth percentages, numbers and solutions to help save YOU money!

You may miss out on Low Interest Rates if you wait...

by Lorna Calder


Waiting to Buy a Home? 

You May Miss Out on Low Interest Rates!


In December, the Federal Reserve raised the key interest rate by a quarter-point to a range of 0.25% to 0.5%, the first rate increase in nearly a decade.1 While some experts expect the Fed to raise rates gradually this year, some economists expect rates to increase three or four more times this year.2 Increases are anticipated to amount to a quarter -point each time, and when they do occur are sure to impact mortgage rates.What's a homebuyer to do?



Quarter-point interest rate increases may not seem like a whole lot but it could mean the difference of hundreds of dollars!



  • Get pre-approved for a mortgage
  • Narrow down your search criteria
  • Get hunting


Check out the image below or upload our PDF for more details on these bullet points and to gather more important information on why NOW is the time to buy!

1. CNN Money, December 16, 2015

2. The Guardian, January 6, 2015


Lorna Calder with The Lorna Calder Team in Kingwood, Texas has earned the prestigious Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist® designation in recognition of her experience, knowledge and expertise in the luxury home market. “Lorna Calder is an example of a real estate professional who has worked to develop market knowledge and the special skills and competencies necessary to provide exceptional service in the fine homes and estates marketplace,” said Institute President Laurie Moore-Moore, upon announcing Lorna’s designation. “Affluent buyers and sellers can turn to sales professionals who have this designation and be confident that they have special expertise and experience in the luxury home marketplace.”


“I am committed to providing outstanding service to my clients,” said Lorna “The Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist® designation is evidence of my ability to meet the needs of affluent buyers and sellers. My membership in The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing also provides me with marketing tools and networking capabilities that benefit my clients.”


Lorna Calder is an award-winning real estate professional who has gone through special training and met performance standards in the upper tier market. She has been in Real Estate since 2008 and specializes in the Kingwood and the surrounding area’s markets.


Lorna has also earned the Million Dollar Guild® for her extensive training in high end luxury markets. The million dollar+ transaction requires sophistication and knowledge over and above that of an average agent. Rather than selecting an agent who is using your transaction to learn, consider an experienced professional who not only has the credibility of the CERTIFIED LUXURY HOME MARKETING SPECIALIST® designation, but has also earned Million Dollar Guild® recognition. A smart choice. 


“Being an excellent Kingwood Texas Real Estate Agent and Realtor® - involves having integrity, in-depth community and knowledge of the real estate market in Kingwood, Atascocita and Humble TX area. Marketing, effective negotiation skills and a high-quality professional network are all valuable tools for any real estate professional and are all hallmarks of my real estate practice.

My focus as a KINGWOOD TX Realtor®, ATASCOCITA TX Realtor®, and HUMBLE TX Realtor® is about putting my clients first. This means staying accessible, listening to the needs of my clients and communicating in a way that is tailored to each client’s needs. Being able to respond quickly to client concerns is a core value of my real estate practice. Bringing forth both competence and caring ensures that I maintain a high level of client satisfaction. Staying on top of the latest real estate technologies allows me to extend the range and quality of services I provide to my clients in Kingwood, Atascocita and Humble Texas.

As a true professional, I am committed to continuing real estate education so that I am well positioned in the real estate community. As a Graduate of the Texas Realtor® University, I hold the GRI designation. I have specialized knowledge including legal issues, finance, marketing, real estate investments, professional standards and environmental law, and brokerage. Fewer than 10 percent of 90,000 Texas Realtors have earned their GRI designation. The association is dedicated to increased professionalism in the real estate industry and is affiliated with the National Association of REALTORS®.

 "The GRI designation is a mark of excellence that signifies the graduate is a cut above," said Dennis Patillo, chairman of the Texas Association of REALTORS®. "It represents the knowledge and professionalism needed to perform successfully in today’s complex real estate field."   

Buddy Wall, Broker of RE/MAX Associates Northeast in Kingwood added, "In today’s market, simply being a good agent is not enough. Lorna’s continued pursuit of educational excellence in her field coupled with her non-stop commitment to customer service singles her out "Above the Crowd".”


For current information on the upper tier market, contact Lorna Calder at The Lorna Calder Team of RE/MAX Northeast at 281-361-2280 or email Lorna at


The Lorna Calder Team

RE/MAX Northeast

2940 Oak Street

Kingwood, TX 77339

(281) 361-2280

Buyers CAN help their Agents, here is how...

by Lorna Calder


Sure, buying a home is very exciting but there is a lot more than just home tours and paperwork! Your Agent is working tirelessly behind the scenes, day and night, week and weekend to make sure you are getting a great home, for a great price and checking off as much as they can on your "Must Have" list.


Here are a few things that YOU as the Buyer can do to help make your Agent's job a bit easier. 


1. Try not to get too caught up in aesthetics.

Many items that may bother you as the Buyer are easily fixed! Don't sweat the small stuff, remember that your Agent can always negotiate repairs and the price of the home but most of the things that you want done, can be done in a weekend! Try to look at it in a more positive way, "yes, there are a few things that I would like to have done BUT this home is in the perfect neighborhood and for a great price!" Sometimes separating "wants" from "needs" helps.


2. Being too focused on the money can hurt your experience.

Of course money is a very important part of the buying process, we get that but exhausting all of your thoughts on the financial aspect will hinder your ability to focus on anything else. The Seller doesn't always accept the highest offer, most often they will accept the best offer which is a combination of price and terms. Sometimes a Buyer's financial qualifications come into the decision making process as well, for example; cash buyer versus FHA buyer.  You really need to trust your Agent when it comes to structuring a good offer that combines the right mix of timing, price and reasonable contingencies. 


3. Don't sit on it too long!

If you're in love with it, you haven't found anything like it, you can't live without it, MAKE AN OFFER. In this market it is VERY important to make an offer if you find the "right one". Houses don't sit long and before you know it the house you fell in love with has been sold to someone else! Not fun.


4. Talking to the Listing Agent...probably not a good idea!

The Selling Agent is there to get the most money for the SELLER not the BUYER. For example when calling a Listing Agent on a property, a buyer many sometimes share details about their situation, scenario, possible relocation and financial qualifications that the Listing Agent is duty bound to share with their client who is the Seller. This places the Buyer in a disadvantageous negotiating position. It's best to leave this communication to your Buyer's Agent, they've got this!


5. Low-balling offers is a no no!

Take this for instance: The seller declines the first offer and the buyer then makes another unreasonable offer. This is going to frustrate the Seller, cost the Buyer the house and tie up the Buyer Agent's time on a home in which the offer will be refused. Please listen carefully to your Agent, they know best what Sellers likely will and won't accept. After all, you hired them for a reason, they are pretty good at their job!


Source: "7 things Buyers Do That Real Estate Agents Hate,"® (Jan. 18, 2016)

We're Breaking Records Over Here! How you ask?...

by Lorna Calder



Texas broke Real Estate records last year!

They say everything is bigger in Texas, Real Estate is no exception...In fact, statewide home sales and prices reached an all-time high last year according to the latest Texas Quarterly Housing Reports released 2/1/2016 by the Texas Association on REALTORS®.


For the first time in history annual home sales exceeded 300,000, with more than 309,000 Texas homes sold in 2015!


"Texas has enjoyed four straight years of booming real estate growth and record-high housing demand," said Texas Association of REALTORS® Chairman Leslie Rouda Smith.

Check out this info-graphic with statewide data, and download the full report to see data for 25 markets across Texas. 

Information & content sourced from Texas Association of Real Estate

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