To DIY, or not to DIY, that is the question!

For good reason, DIY projects are in! They can save you money, be resourceful and give the "Weekend Warrior" a feeling of satisfaction from completion. With that said, DIY can go wrong, very wrong! Below are some things to consider when deciding if DIY is for you!


1. Do your Research

When thinking about a DIY project, do some research first. It may be a bit time consuming but trust me, it will save you a whole heck of a lot more time (and money) knowing that you need to just hire a professional rather than messing up a DIY project and THEN having to hire a professional. There are also factors like; Do I need  permits? Does my HOA allow this? Could it cause structural damage to my home? Yes, the videos and HGTV shows make even the hardest of projects seem so simple but we suggest you ask around to friends, neighbors, family members, or us and see if anyone has experience with these projects. If you are even just a bit confused or lost with the tools needed or the directions you have to may want to leave it to a Pro. DIY is something that requires full confidence. 


2. Think about your Interest and Skill Levels

When tackling a project, this should be the most simple question to ask yourself. You understand what the project is, the steps included, the tools needed but have you thought of the time it may take? Let's take building an entertainment center as an example. You may mess up on an angle, back to the Home Improvement store. You may put too much stain, now you have to sand it down again and re-stain. The stain itself takes a few coats, time needed to dry, the right temp and humidity levels to dry, etc. It can get pretty tricky if you don't think of these things ahead of time and map it out. You may need to preform an honest assessment of your skills (plumbing, electrical, etc), this is critical. You see these DIY projects getting completed in one day; well you may have kids that need attention, dogs or cats that step on your newly paved sidewalk, unexpected rain and other factors that play into time. A project you think will take one day may take 1 week! It is essential to plan and map it out before the project is started. If you can't live in a construction zone, this may need the help of a Professional. 


3. Projects cost money!

Again, this will play into doing your research. Research the tool rentals costs, the time away from work, the materials and then get a few estimated from local, trusted contractors (which we have many we recommend) for all of your projects. Then you can get an idea of if you really will save money or not! Also be sure to factor in overages for your DIY project, especially if it is a new project that you have never done, you may mess up, paint something wrong, cut wood the wrong length; then you will need more materials, which cost money. If you are totally confident and have it planned so well that there will be no to minimal mistakes, then go for it! If you think, hmm...I may not be able to do this or this may be to tricky, then leave it to the Professionals. 


Trust our Experience!

Christina has done multiple DIY projects in and out of her home, so has Lorna (A LOT) and Shannon has done some outdoor projects. We can give you advice on whether it would be cost and time effective to DIY it or to hire someone. We have a great list of Vendors with everything from Roofers to Bee Removal to Landscapers, that we use with the homes we Sell and Buy for our clients and would love to share it with you for any of your needs! Just give us a call, we are here to help!