Okay, so you may be thinking "I'm over these bland neutral walls!" Yes, you may also be thinking, I want to keep it neutral because some day we will sell and that will be more appealing but listen you purchased this house to be YOUR HOME, why not put a little of your personality into it! 


"When my husband and I purchased our home we went with the neutral "Greige" Wall (Gray/Beige) After being in a very gray world for a month or so, we decided we needed some splashes of color! So we did an accent wall in orange, yes I know ORANGE, in the guest bedroom, A lovely aqua accent wall in the Master's Bedroom following that into the Master Bath, then we went into the kitchen with a soft aqua. This brought so much more personality to our home" - Christina Terry (Client Care Coordinator, The Lorna Calder Team)


Here are some ways to add some color in a way that will make anyone comfortable! Listen, it's only paint, if you don't like it then paint back over with your neutrals!


Look to the Front Door

A bright color on the front door can be SO welcoming, mind you, make sure that it would be a good match with your primary house color an your brick/stone. The more popular colors right now are Red, Coblt Blue, yellow and coral! WOW Go Bold!


Matte is a better way to add color

Shiny and bold color can come off too harsh! Matte paint in a bold, dark color is much more palatable. Make sure to use a good primer to better support a dark matte color!


Rooms with more traffic? GO BOLD!

Kid's Rooms, Half Baths and Sitting rooms can use a bit more color just because they are all rooms that have more eyes seeing them. Why not show your personality in the rooms that are seen the most. 


Smaller rooms may be a good start

Starting with a smaller, more confined space make make the transition into the "color world" a little bit easier. Make just one wall an accent or paint the whole thing! Don't be scared to even paint the ceiling a bright or bold color!