Monday Morning Coffee

"Experience teaches you to recognize a mistake when you've made it again."
~ Unknown
"Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment."
~ Barry LePatner
"The trouble with using experience as a guide is that the final exam often comes first and then the lesson." 
~ Unknown
The reason there's so much humor in the "experience" we gain from our mistakes is that we all share in making errors - some of us learn, and some of us don't! That's where "good judgment" and "bad judgment" come in. When we make mistakes, and learn from them, we develop "good judgment." However, a lot of those mistakes that we have the opportunity to learn from are made because of our "bad judgment"! 
Are some of us doomed to repeat history? What if we make the same mistake twice, but realize that we've done it? (You know, "Admitting you have a problem is half the solution"?) It's hard to "study" for the problems that life throws at us, but even if we had a lesson plan, we'd still wing it! As the last quote above illustrates, we have to actually go through the experience, hoping we don't fail, before we really learn the answer to how to handle the problem! 
As Bobby McFerrin so popularly expressed it several years ago, "Don't worry, be happy!" If you're successful in your endeavor, congratulations! If you fail (or succeed with some degree of error), congratulations on your opportunity for further improvement! Chances are that life is not going to throw anything at you that you can't ultimately rise above, on your own or with some assistance. 
Try a light-hearted approach to problem-solving. You really shouldn't treat this topic too seriously, or you'll get depressed and never try to accomplish anything out of fear of failure. So, it all boils down to this point: love your mistakes! Embrace your errors! They are one thing you can truly call your own!